NWAC Board…Celebrating 100 years of success

Next year, in 2017, a very prestigious and premier educational agency will complete 100 years of its fine existence. Northwest Accreditation Commission (Northwest or NWAC as it is fondly called) will complete 100 years of its lovely journey of bringing the best international standards to schools and students around the world. There are very few brands that stand the test of time for so long, that stay ahead of their peers for such a period and that keep enhancing their brand equity consistently across a century. And through this wonderful existence and journey, they have brought smiles to millions and millions of schools, parents and students across the world.
NWAC Board is valid, present and prospering in many countries across the world. They have a special presence in Middle-East besides their strong existence in United States of America. NWAC was formed by the Federal Government of US in 1917 to monitor, upgrade and enhance the quality of schools in seven states of USA. From that limited and humble foundation, they grown in footprint, stature and prestige to become one of the leading hallmarks of K12 education globally. NWAC has been involved in multiple government and non-profit associations, thus establishing that the best seek their expertise and advise, when it comes to quality K12 education. NWAC Board is valid, legal and established worldwide and in addition to that they have a long list of proud schools under their umbrella.
Recently, over the last 5 years or so, they have made stronger forays into the Asian education segment and more specifically in Indian education scenario. India has about 20 percent of the total world population and around 40 percent of that is in the 0-24 year age bracket. That NWAC will have a considerable positive impact in the Indian school education sector is a given conclusion. With permissions and student admissions in relevant government authorities and universities namely, NWAC board is valid, present and growing in both East and West now. A 100 years is indeed a credible and fruitful story and many more decades and centuries are waiting to be covered.


  1. ITS college MURADNAGAR is rejected my admission in bsc biotech saying that nwac board is not valid in their college. Your comments on this please.

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